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Canadian Forces Base Trenton

CFB Trenton - Jun 18 2020 - CC-130J

In the spring and summer of 2020 there was very little to do in Southern Ontario, so for the first time I decided to make the trip to Canadian Forces Base Trenton to do some spotting of the local 8 Wing operations.  Since I chose to visit the base on perfect weather days I made the journeys even more worthwhile by riding the 370 kilometre roundtrips on my motorcycle. 


Trenton is home to all of the Royal Canadian Air Force's CC-177 Globemasters, CC-150 Polaris and CC-130J Super Hercules, as well as 424 Search and Rescue Squadron and their CC-130H Hercules and CH-146 Griffons.  Even with all of these tenants, the base isn't very busy but I was lucky during my spotting adventures that the pattern was busy with locals and was also treated to a pair of CF-188A Hornets visiting from CFB Bagotville.  Unfortunately, the 'Retro' CC-150 evaded me but with the spring of 2021 looking like a repeat performance of last year I will have more opportunities to catch the jet soon.

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