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Geneseo Airshow

B-25 Mitchell 'Panchito' drops watermelons during the 2005 Geneseo Airshow

My father attended many air shows in Geneseo in the 1980s and 90s.  He used to tell me about the fantastic atmosphere where veterans would share their incredible experiences while the sound of Merlins and radials echoed through the valley from sunrise until sunset.  By the time I started attending there had been a split within the museum and while there were obvious benefits to the paved runways at Elmira Corning Regional Airport, the feeling attached to the Geneseo Airshow was always special.  Warbirds parked on the grass field, Glenn Miller being played over the speakers and re-enactors emerging from their tents combined to give the Geneseo Airshow a unique character that is impossible to duplicate at a modern airport.

I have many photos from those shows I hope to share someday when I digitize the negatives they were shot on, but for now this gallery features five events between 2005 and 2012.  Looking back through these editions of the Geneseo Airshow was bittersweet as the collection of attending aircraft was always impressive and included many formation passes by Mustangs, Spitfires, Corsairs and Warhawks.  Unfortunately, they were captured on early Nikon digital cameras like the D100 which only had a six megapixel sensor so you will have to excuse that a few of the images might be less than perfect quality but were included due to their uniqueness.

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