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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

MCAS Yuma - F-5F Tiger II

Yet another one of my favourite locations that is located in the American southwest, MCAS Yuma is a lovely combination of good weather, great topography and loads of Marine Corps aircraft.  To the north of the base, photography is possible from both sides of the parallel runways at the Fairgrounds, while a lovely little area to the southwest of the base allows for late-afternoon and evening opportunities once the sun has come around.  Multiple squadrons of Harriers and Lightnings fill the circuit throughout the day mixed with a large number of helicopters and Ospreys, especially during the biannual Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course (WTI), an event I am still very hopeful to attend.  In 2019 I was finally able to attend the Yuma Airshow, highlights of which can be found in a separate gallery on this site.

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