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Naval Air Facility El Centro

Nov 16, 2015 - NAF El Centro

Naval Air Facility El Centro is located just west of El Centro in the southeast corner of California.  The base hosts squadrons throughout the year for the purposes of training in one of the many nearby bombing ranges while making use of the nearly perfect flying conditions.  The bases is very friendly to photographers as there are locations available at the end of all four runways.  The only two requests are that visitors remain on the furthest road from the fence (when spotting on the west side of the base) and make your presence known to public affairs, including vehicle model and license plate.

El Centro is also just an hour and a half drive from MCAS Yuma, allowing photographers the opportunity to visit one base in the morning and then the other in the afternoon.  El Centro also is used by the Marine Corps during their biannual Weapons and Tactics Course to reduce the amount of traffic operating out of Yuma.

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