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Space & Air Show

QF-4E and F-16 Heritage Flight

The Kennedy Space Center is Hallowed Ground in the United States.  This special event only occurred for a few years (2007-2009?) and featured a high quality and quantity of military and warbird performers with incredible backgrounds like the Space Shuttle Launch Pads (39A and 39B) and Vehicle Assembly Building.  The crowd was bused to the causeway across the Banana River, home to a manatee sanctuary of West Indian Manatees, and enjoyed perfect lighting for the entire display.



F-104 Starfighter

Unfortunately, they don't make events like this any more.  The 2008 show was fantastic and included modern military displays from the USAF Viper Demo Team and 920th Rescue Wing and from the US Navy Super Hornet and the Blue Angels.  Participating warbirds were the B-25J "Panchito" from the Delaware Aviation Museum and a F4U-4B that was part of the Legacy Flight with the Super Hornet.  The standout performers were the F-104 Starfighter and the QF-4E Phantom II, the latter leading the Viper around during the Heritage Flight routine.  Finally, the background was extra special, as the Space Shuttle Endeavour was visible on Launch Pad 39A, destined for space the next week as STS-126.  I was only there on Saturday Nov 8 and yet it will forever remain one of the most amazing aviation events I will ever attend.

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