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TICO Warbird Airshow

2012 TICO Warbird Airshow - B-25 Mitchell


The TICO Warbird Airshow is presented by the Valiant Air Command and is located at the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Florida.  This show has become a favourite of mine as it occurs early in the season and is a convenient drive from Orlando when I am on a layover.  The Valiant Air Command features an extensive collection of aircraft such as their airworthy flagship C-47 'Tico Belle' or their B-25 Mitchell 'Killer B'. The museum is also in possession of a considerable number of Cold War, Vietnam War and modern jets, my favourite being the ​English Electric TT.18 Canberra which I was fortunate enough to sit in during one of their events and was amazed by the complexity of it's cockpit layout while also amazed at the minimal amount of room for an aircraft that was meant for medium-long duration bombing missions.

When the winds blow from the east or west and Runway 09-27 is in use, the conditions for photography are fantastic.  The runway is a short distance from the crowd line, has a beautiful tree backdrop and has perfect lighting conditions throughout the day.  TICO is a compact show with a high quality line-up and a friendly atmosphere and is an event I look forward to every season.


2012 TICO Warbird Airshow - B-2 Spirit

As this event occurs in Florida it is susceptible to the usual Florida weather pattern of sun filled skies mixed with periodic thunderstorm activity.  Such was the case in 2012 when the Valiant Air Command presented a wonderful show that featured aircraft from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and even the Stealthy B-2 Spirit.  The four B-25 Mitchells were the stars of the World War II segment while the two T-33 Shooting Stars performed lively displays.  The ground displays were enjoyable as the Valiant Air Command pulled most their static collection across from their hangar.  As always, the TICO show was a fun mix and while a small show, it does a fantastic job of making the event highly worthwhile for those in attendance.

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